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Extend the reach of your business with your "Virtual" sales team

LK Marketing offers a full spectrum of sales & marketing services. We provide a "virtual sales force" which operates as if they are down the hall. Every project's focus is to assist you in meeting your sales goals and overall business objectives. Each contact we make on your behalf is always in a very professional, polite and sincere manner. We are not telemarketers in a call center.

Client satisfaction drives everything we do. We understand that each project is unique so we focus on program customization along with extensive training of each LK Marketing caller on your philosophy, products and services. Our professionals are experts in initiating communication with executive-level decision makers in a meaningful dialogue about your product and/or service. The first impression over the telephone to a prospective client is one of the most valuable ways to differentiate your business from the competition. Our goal is to free up your time while increasing your productivity.

 LK Marketing BBB Business Review By delegating the initial steps of your sales process to our virtual assistants, your sales force may focus on the primary objective – the close. We maintain a direct-access approach because our clients expect returns on their investments. LK Marketing provides more than just telesales services, we assist you increase your bottom line profits.
The associations in which LK Marketing is a member include,
Linkd In The National Association
of Women
Business Owners
The Sales
Management Association
American Marketing Association-
National Federation
of Independent Business
Gravity Marketing
of Milwaukee
WCTC Small
Business Center
Link Up Milwaukee