appointment setting

Appointment set-up


Everything we do and say is professional,  polite and insightful. 

We are not a call center with untrained telemarketers making as many dials as they can per hour.   We do what you want us to do as if we were  in the next office just down the hall from you.   

We verify the top decision maker and then we do our very best to obtain their email; (We email a lot and that alone drastically increases our productivity).  Then we present to that verified decision maker and utilizing the script that we personally create  with you and your associates; initiate a conversation  about the benefits of your company.   Talking points provided by you are always included in the script.

communication at it's best

LK Marketing maintains a direct-access approach to assist you in increasing your bottom line profits.  Our goal is to free up your time while increasing your productivity.  

By delegating specific marketing responsibilities to our virtual assistants; you may focus on the primary objective – satisfied clients. You have many tasks to complete each day with usually a higher priority than being on the phone; so let us help in that respect.

articulate and efficient

Every project we are awarded we work closely with our client in order to clearly understand their primary objectives.  We establish a partnership with you so as to represent you in the most professional and polite manner; you may communicate with your callers at any time.  

Some of our initial steps we take to begin a project are: 

  • We work closely with you and your associates to fully understand your primary objectives.  From that I create a script for your review.
  • (If requested), I personally assist you in sorting a focused list according to your exact specifications.  As a result, you get a focused list per your exact specifications.
  • We schedule a WebEx conference call so all of us may get an opportunity to know each other.  Then during the first several days of calling (and ongoing),  the head caller, (Project Manager) keeps in close touch with you to make sure we are meeting your expectations.