Sales consulting

You don't need to hire a full-time person to shape up your sales department!

LK Marketing, LLC was founded with a single mission: 

To provide the best outsourced (virtual) sales support services in the United States.  Ms. Kaminski's many years of experience in both outside and inside B2B sales places her in a unique position to provide and drive your inside sales department's real results. 

Liz K. meets with each of her clients with fresh eyes and years of experience developing and providing innovative solutions to develop custom-made strategies along with extensive training of your inside sales assistants on your philosophies, values, products and services.

Liz K. responsibilities could include: 

· Executing the roles and duties of an inside sales advisor within your company. 

· Instructing your internal sales department on taking the right measures that help them achieve their productivity requirements. 

· Work as a communicator between your prospective or current clients and settle any unsolved matters. 

· Perform as a consultant to identify sales opportunities. • Improve all prospect and client reports, notes and logs. 

· Recommend sales process improvements through consultancy.

· Creating, improving and administering the relationship bonds with your new and existing clients. 

· Strategizing and enforcing procedures within the department and extended areas of involvement. 

· Making sure that the assigned sales plans and programs of your company are being followed successfully. 

· Analyzing and if necessary, improving any instructional classes for and supporting the new sales advisors of the establishment. 

· Questioning, studying and examining the customers of the company to know their needs and generate “Up” sales. 

· Provide any needed training and orientation classes. 

· Support and improve any job training. 

· Creating sales methods and techniques and maintaining the client interaction records of the company.